Jease 2.6 released

Page to PDF conversion, Improved Security, Better support for multilangual sites, Automatic removal of temporary files

New Features

  • Page to PDF conversion: Jease can now convert any page-like content into a PDF document. Just use the link at the bottom of the page to try the feature and add it to your custom template if you like it.
  • Improved security: Jease checks now the password-strength and enforces passwords which must contain at least 8 characters with mixed cases, digits and symbols.
  • Multilanguage sites out of the box: if the id of a node in the root folder is a language code (e.g. "ru" or "de"), Jease makes this node automatically a virtual root for the site. This way you can easily create multilangual sites.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Script#copy(): "Forward" attribute wasn't copied.
  • Fixed possible NPE for #replace() when using new properties.
  • Dispatcher.jsp: "Context" as request attribute was broken due to typo.


  • Removed (browser-session based) cookie-based "Remember me" from Login. Otherwise unaware users of this feature could fool themselfes by leaving the browser open.
  • Fixed lots of issues where temporary files were created and which were not deleted when server shuts down.
  • Improved Picklist: Jease allows to move single items in Picklists by just double-clicking them.
  • Fixed ObjectTable#rebuild(): only recreate container components.
  • Added explicit PersistenceEngine#begin() to mark the start of a transaction. Not needed for db4o/Perst, but useful to implement a JPA-based PersistenceEngine.
  • Updated deprecate Lucene methods to current API.

3rd-party libraries

  • ZK 5.0.10
  • Lucene 3.5
  • Tika 1.0
  • XStream 1.4.2
  • Latest db4o-8 release
  • Tomcat 7.23

Last modified on 2012-01-09 by Maik Jablonski

Download Jease


You can download the latest binary release bundle here.