Create a new Content Type in 5 minutes

Jease makes it very easy to create custom content types. As a little example we're going to create a custom content-type to manage meetings.

Each meeting should consist of the following fields:

  • topic
  • location
  • start-date
  • end-date

Usually there are 4 simple steps you have to follow to create a new content type like the meeting-object described above:

  1. Create a content-definition (a.k.a. domain object).
  2. Create an content-editor.
  3. Create a content-view.
  4. Register your content-type.

All the boring rest (persistence, graphical user interface, web-site-navigation, ...) is automagically handled by Jease.

So let's get started... it won't take any longer than 5 minutes.

Last modified on 2011-06-28 by Maik Jablonski

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