4. Content Registry

To make your component available for Jease, you have to register your content-type.

Create new folders and file in ROOT/WEB-INF/src/META-INF/jease/registry.xml and add the definition for the new content-type:


If you want to deploy your component as self-contained jar, you can create dedicated META-INF/jease/registry.xml for each component, put the definitions into it and create a jar file from it. Jease will search for all registries in all deployed jars automatically.

Please note: you'll need to restart your servlet container after adding a new content type. You need also to make sure that you'll add the new content type to all roles (CMS -> System -> Role) which should be allowed to use this content types. If you change your own role, please re-login to make the new content available via the content selection.

Last modified on 2011-07-22 by Maik Jablonski

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