Jease creates content revisions every time you make changes to your content. This is a useful feature to peek into the past and see how the content has changed... or use it if you want to restore an older version.

You can configure the revision parameters directly via CMS » System » Parameter:

Parameter Description Default
JEASE_REVISION_COUNT How many content revisions should be kept at minimum? 15
JEASE_REVISION_DAYS For how many days in the past content revsions should be kept at minimum? 30

Please note: Jease uses both parameters at the same time. The logic behind it is best expressed this way:

"Keep at least 15 content revisions regardless how old they are and keep all revisions for the last 30 days."

So if a content-object is rarely changed (e.g. only once a month), you'll keep 15 revisions, but if you have a content object which is frequently changed, Jease will keep all revisions for the last 30 days.

Last modified on 2011-02-07 by Maik Jablonski

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