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You can download the latest binary release bundle here.


Jease 0.8 released

Media and Transit, lots of comments.

This release brings mostly new features for the CMS. Additionally I've added lots of lots comments to the source code, so it will be (hopefully much) easier to wrap your mind around Jease.


  • Fixed bug in jfix.db4o.ObjectDatabase: cascading delete for value-objects could result in dangling references.


  • Removed Node#filterValidChildren(): It was never used and no one complained against removing.


  • New Media-Content: a Media can store binary content (same as a File), but it is rendered as page. So if you upload a flash-file to Media, it is automatically rendered with appropriate HTML-tags when viewed on site.
  • New Transit-Content: this object allows to reference a file in the file-system of the Jease-Server as if it were a File in Jease. E.g. you can use it to edit JSPs on the fly. But take care: accessing the file-system directly allows all kinds of security-problems. Therefore only administrators are allowed to create a Transit and after creation it isn't possible to change the path to the referenced file.
  • Improved configuration which checks for "privileged" content which should only be creatable by administrators.
  • Cleaned up the code for File and Image by refactoring the check which content is allowed to be stored within object.


  • Integrated assets for Topup-Library directly into site (version 1.7.2). This way it's easier to control caching policies and to do local development without access to internet.
  • Refactored binary streaming from File.jsp into JFix, so it's easier to maintain and reuse the code.
  • Improved Composite.jsp so it includes paged content automatically and takes care for referenced content.


Last modified on 2010-06-17 by Maik Jablonski