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Jease 1.7 released

Discussion, Feeds, Mails, Parameter, Design, Tomcat 7

Please note: you have to call http://localhost:8080/cms/setup (replace localhost:8080 with your server) to create default parameters after upgrading.

If you're upgrading from Jease 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3, please read the upgrdade notice below before performing an update!

The most notable feature is the introduction of a community requested content type called "Discussion". It allows you to add comments or discussions to your site. Just add a Discussion object everywhere you like and let your users discuss your content. The public view of a Discussion uses a Captcha based on SimpleCaptcha to keep spam-bots out.

In addition to the Discussion feature, Jease provides RSS- and ATOM-feeds for published News per default. Thanks to Max for providing the ATOM-support.

In order to keep the owner of a Discussion informed about what is going on, I've implemented a general mail-service which is used to send out notifications about added comments. The mail-service can be used to send other emails as well. Please note: you have to configure a SMTP-server before you can use the mail-service.

Another new feature is the introduction of database-stored configuration parameters. This way almost all configuration parameters are moved from web.xml to the CMS where they can be edited directly through the web. And the best of all: you can create and use your own parameters easily.

Last but not least I've added a new design called "loop" which is now the default design for jease.org.

Jease 1.7 is bundled with Tomcat 7 as default servlet container.

New Features:

  • Implemented a Discussion/Comment-Feature. Together with a Composite containing a News and a Discussion you can build a Blog from existing content types easily.
  • Added RSS/Atom-Feeds. Added Navigations.getSiteNews() which retrieves all visible News (itself or via reference) sorted by publication date.
  • Added Mail-Service which can be configured via a Registry-Parameter (JEASE_SMTP_PROPERTIES)
  • Implemented editable parameters for Registry. This way almost all configurations can be moved from web.xml to user interface. Please note: call /cms/setup after upgrade to create default parameters.
  • Implemented a NodeFilter: it filters Nodes from all views which cannot be created by a normal user (e.g. privileged content like Scripts). This way an administrator can store privileged contents in the user-area which is not editable for normal users anymore.
  • Added new design called "loop".


  • Changed layout of command buttons in CMS: Removed Search/Print/Export from TreeView (and moved Upload/View/Dump/Restore) to top, while removing NodeConstructor for FlatMode. This way the TreeView should be less disturbing and more effective for users.
  • Increased default size of NodeViewer (better suited for small displays e.g. Netbooks).
  • Removed non-container-nesting restriction for Composite.
  • Added Property#getSize(), so FileProperty can return actual size.
  • Added new DoubleProperty.


  • Added simplecaptcha as site-service to create captchas.
  • Retrieve news from parent container if no news is present in current container. Omit news if it is the default content of a folder.
  • Skip contents which are moved to Trash for search results.
  • Renamed "default" design to "bright"; renamed "demo" design to "cool". Several minor CSS-fixes to existing designs.
  • Automatically close lightbox before open links in a lightbox.
  • Made Topic a first class citizen... this way it is possible to specify a different View for a Topic when used in Composites.
  • Added semantic markup (divs with appropriate class-names) to existing domain-renderers. This way it is easier to customize existing views with CSS and jQuery.
  • Cleaned up redirects for Factory, Topic and Trash.
  • Introduced Pager.Renderer for customizable rendering of contents and moved it service sub-directory to avoid  clutter. Added default hovering for pager.


  • Added Servlets.getHost(request) to retrieve correct hostname (regardless if running behind proxy ordirect)
  • Added methods for creating Cookies with expire-dates.
  • Added helper: Validations.equals(o1,o2)
  • Added timeout to jfix.util.Urls.readString().

Bug fixes:

  • Deleting a node in Flat-View could result in setting the wrong context. Check if parent of deleted node is descendant of current session container.
  • Fixed possible NPE in Transit.getPage().
  • Fixed possible endless recursion in Reference by breaking recursion if an already visited Reference is visited again.
  • Links on images were opened in a lightbox regardless if link pointed to image or not.
  • Setup: create Root as visible content, so searching the root-page via public web-site works out of the box.

Dependency updates:

  • Tomcat 7.0.8
  • Perst 426
  • Latest wikitext.jar

Upgrade notice (only relevant when upgrading from Jease 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3)

You have to run an update-script to migrate existing revisions to new class format. Just call http://localhost:8080/cms/update/revisions.jsp after updating Jease to migrate the old revisions to the new format. It is highly recommended to create a backup of your database-directory (~/db4o or ~/perst) before doing the upgrade!

Last modified on 2011-02-07 by Maik Jablonski