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Jease 2.5 released

Time based Access Control, New "Simple" design, Responsive "photo" design, Important bug fixes

New features

  • Implemented time based Access object. This allows to specify a time range where an Access object is guarding the content.
  • Added "simple" design as documented "kickstarter" for creating custom designs.
  • Improved user experience by directly displaying the editor if the user has only rights to edit himself, so that non administrators don't see the nearly empty user-table anymore. Instead they can directly edit their user account details.

Other Improvements

  • Made photo design responsive to screen size. Thanks to Patrick for his contribution!
  • Optimized footer in photo-template so that no big black border is shown on small screens. Thanks to Falk for contribution!
  • Added Navigations.getLatestContribution() which returns the last modified child for a content object. Applied it to all templates so that the editoral is displayed correctly (e.g. in case of Composites).
  • Dispatcher: changed pageContext.include() to pageContext.forward(), so Page.jsp is able to add headers/cookies as long as response is not committed.
  • Added Content#getProperty(key, default) which returns a property as string or the default string value. This makes using properties in templates less verbose.
  • Datefield/Timefield: used abstract name "short" for format-definition, so I18N should work better for more people.
  • Updated Japanse translation. Thanks to Jun!

Other changes

  • Node: changed visibility for validateParent from public to protected.
  • Authorizations: small performance improvement by avoiding to fetch the guard a second time.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed concurrency bug in garbage collector for persistent values. The bug could lead to null-properties or other concurrent modification bugs as the GC is triggered every hour via the maintenance job.
  • Fixed possible NPE with null-properties.
  • MailService didn't work with multiple TO-adresses.

Library updates

  • ZK 5.0.9
  • Tika 0.10
  • Lucene 3.4.0
  • Tomcat 7.0.22

Last modified on 2011-10-24 by Maik Jablonski