Thanks to...

  • Mohammad for persian translation.
  • Alex for italian translation.
  • Patrick for implementing a responsive design for the photo-template.
  • Jun for improving the Japanese translation.
  • Falk for fixing the "black footer" issue with the photo-template.
  • Patrick for providing an upstream fix to Eclipse for wikitext.jar.
  • Max and Ivan for improving the russian translation.
  • Timothy from the ZK-Project for supporting Jease so nicely.
  • Max for improving the image-scaling code.
  • Alexander from Metamatix AG for providing professional Jease support.
  • Lukas for pointing me to a problem with the tutorial.
  • Ted Kennedy from McObject for a nice interview about Jease.
  • Ignacio and Qin for tranlsating Jease into Spanish and Chinese.
  • Zeroturnaround for an Open-Source-License for using the wonderful JRebel-product to ease the development of Jease.
  • Simon, Kai and Marcus for discussing an early preview at the Banality-Headquarter.
  • Michael for being the first Jease-user.
  • Birga for testing the quickstart-procedure.
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