Content Management System

The example content-management-system is roughly divided into a domain layer, where the fundamental classes for the available content-types are defined and a web-editor-layer, where are the corresponding definitions for content-editors are stored.

The jease.cms.domain-package with persistent classes for all available content-types:

The jease.cms.web.content.editor-package with editors for each defined content-type:

How to create additional content-types?

If you want to define an additional content type, you'll have to create a domain-object which is derived from Content and create an appropriate content-editor which needs to be derived from ContentEditor. That's it... I would recommend to start with a simple content type like Text and its corresponding editor TextEditor. It's easy, isn't it?

The newly created content-type/content-editor needs to be registered. Therefore you have to create an appropriate entry in /META-INF/jease/registry.xml. You should also provide an nice icon for the new content-type, which should be stored in web.jease.cms with an appropriate filename.

And of course... if you want to run a public website, you'll need to create a public view for the content-type ... read the site-chapter for more info on how to do this.

Last modified on 2011-04-15 by Maik Jablonski

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